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H50 fan behind radiator


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Hi everyone,


Trying to setup a mini ITX gaming box, I chose a silverstone SG05 case running an i5 core, cooled down with the H50. The case is rather small, and the main concern is to save some space above the fan/radiator (i'm aiming to have both of them inside the case).


I was wondering if it's possible to have the 120 mm fan behind the radiator. It would pull air from outside through the radiator instead of blowing it.


A french website suggested to rotate the radiator of 90°. I'm not sure that's what is suggested, but that would greatly save some space on the top of the case. See http://www.homemedia.fr/tests-guides/190-Test-d-un-HTPC-Mini-ITX-Gamer-en-P55-5.html with a few interesting pics


Anyone to help me ?

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