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Flash Voyager - Problem with rubber casing


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This thread is about a Flash Voyager 32GB, purchased in August 2008. The RMA number is 1159504.


Recently, the rubber casing started to separate with the USB drive/plug. It creates a bad contact and the only way to use the USB drive is to maintain it manually "straight".


Today, I received an email informing me that the RAM request was denied for the following reason:


  • Corsair product(s) that have been physically damaged/abused, i.e., removal or application of heat spreaders and labels


My concern is that I never damage the drive (if so, I wouldn't use the warranty). I'm quite disappointing because this product was expensive (€160) and it broke after one and a half year of use.


Then, looking on this forum, I can see some threads with a similar problem, and the answer was to ask a RMA for replacement.









What can I do?


Can I expect a different answer from the technical support?



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  • 6 months later...

Later, later… Corsair recognized the fault with this product.


They just sent me last week a new Flash Voyager 32GB.


So… It was long (6 months) but finally, Corsair did the job.


Late, but good news. I'll continue to purchase Corsair products. :)

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