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TR3X6G1600C7D and Asus P6X58D-E


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I'm about to do a new build and I want to use the P6X58D-E or the P6X58D. I looked at the QVL and I see that TR3X6G1600C8D and TR3X6G1600C9D is on the list...but not TR3X6G1600C7D for either motherboard. The P6X58D-E is a new board, so I was hoping the QVL is recent.


On amazon TR3X6G1600C7D is cheaper than the cas 8 kit, so I'd like to use that, (cheaper + better = win) but I want to make sure it'll work at 1600mhz at the cas7 timings on that board. Is there some reason the TR3X6G1600C8D is recomended over the C7D? have there been more compatability issues with the cas 7 ram vs the cas 8 speed? I'd rather play it safe and get the TR3X6G1600C8D, but if I can get positive feedback about the TR3X6G1600C7D on asus x58 motherboards I may try it instead.

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