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Flash Voyager 16GB Issues


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I got the Flash Voyager 16GB for my birthday around 2/20/10 and it's worked great up till now. I keep getting errors on multiple computers.


The errors i've been having are:

USB flash disk drive does not work as expected, it is no longer seen connected under Windows XP/Vista, it doesn't show up in Device manager and Found new hardware wizard doesn't pop up or it can't find standard USB mass storage device driver. Also getting "Usb device not recognized" message in Windows. And last but not least Windows could give an error saying that USB Device has malfunctioned and therefore cannot recognize the device.


also kinda confused that it didnt come with a usb cord or lanyard. are their two types of packages?

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If that fixed the drive but it keeps happening it maybe one of the systems causing it or there could be something failing on the drive, but I agree try and let me know if you have any more problems.
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