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p64 fw update


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hi all,


i'd like to update my corsair p64 firmware for TRIM support ...

what i did:


- checked firmware with crystal disk info > shows 081021 (?!)


- dowloaded fw update from http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=83708

- it doesnt find my SSD


my ssd is connected to an internal sata port, controller is set to IDE mode in bios. i booted from an usb flash drive formatted (fat32) with win98se image on it. i dont need to do something with my ssd before, do i? it has just win7 on it ... id like to do a fresh install of win7 after the update.


what can i do?



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seems i have a m64 ssd ... there's no fw available?

what can i do to not lose performance?


ive got the m64 for about half a year - gets slower from day to day :-(


can someone help? is there something i can do or do i have to buy a newer one thats with better performance and TRIM?

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