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Corsair twin2x2048-6400 ga ep41 ud3l


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Hi everyone,


I've recently purchased two packs of the above xms2 ram initially for my asus p5ne but was unable to boot with it into windows so bought a ga ep41ud3l to try out


still know joy on the ga board but then this ram is on the official qvl list, it seems every other board but this one


is there anyway I can get this ram to work with the right settings or if stock doesn't work then I've got no chance?


I'm wondering now if the reason I can't boot to windows is because I'm using a previously installed version of win 7 on my he'd and perhaps windows detects to many changes and won't boot?


Any advice most welcome





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Thanks ram guy


I've changed this board to a ga ep45 ud3lr


are these settings gonna be the same for this only I can leave them at 800



Also I'm gonna try them in the asus p5ne as there on the qvl for that board aswell

do you have any settings for this board aswell


ps I'm feeling a bit noobed out as I've never had to mess with timings!


If I've got a 500 psu that works fine on a p4 setup then can I safely assume that my psu is ok aswell?

I've got a p4 3.2 and a q9300 and still no boot to windows


is there any advanced timings I should be tinkering with aswell


and finally! When I set the memory frequency should it be at 400 for 800 MHz with the double date rate or do i set this to 800!?


Sorry for all the q's

I just want my pc back! Lol





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You can try raising the memory frequency to 800 if you would like to test. As far as the timings just set the main timings no need for the advanced timings. For the memory frequency I believe on that board should be 800MHz.
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