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Obession: new 800D project

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Fair warning, this is going to be a long build.


Here goes :)


Parts list so far:

Corsair 800D

Rampage III extreme

EK Extreme HF CPU



Inverted motherboard panel (debatable but doable)

radiator mount on the bottom venting through the side panel

Murdermod inspired front panel (subject to change design, gotta love SolidWorks)






Plenty of work ahead, currently waiting on the motherboard to arrive.


Thanks for looking!

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Working on the case, i removed the hotswap tray to remove the lower tray. I'm also deciding on the components and their locations when and if i invert the mobo tray.



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hopefully once i get the mobo in i'll order the watercooling parts and can decide on which radiators to use, debating having two 92mm rads vent through the side panels similar to how the TJ07 is setup. I was also wanting to invert the backplane but decided it would be a pain to do.
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Got some parts in this weekend


******** 6gb 12800

Corsair 1000w

Intel i7 920


Started sleeving the power supply but ran out of sleeve, also got the Cooler Master smoked plastic fans with red LEDs, not too bright, will look good for this install.




Tested and working, yes that's a 7800 GTX, had it lying around :)








Also made a lexan backplate cover, revision 1. Revision 2 will be made out of black lexan with the letters cut into it. This one is paint black with clear coat, didnt turn out too well.






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