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Samsung NP-R580-JSB1US Not listed in Memory Configurator


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Hi Ram guy,

I just got a Samsung NP-R580-JSB1US and it came with 4 gigs

of DDR3 PC3-8500 204 sodimm, and I want to pull these out and put

2 four gig memory sodimms in it and the corsair memory configurator

does not list this model.... Could you help me with if this is possible and

if so, which CORSAIR modules I can. It is running Windows 7 64 bit so

I should be able to go up to 8. Just want to give it a little

breathing room. ( As an aside, how are the SSD for these laptops

doing... Is it work while to replace the 500 Gig hard drive with one,


Many thanks for your help.

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I am sorry but that system does not show it can be upgraded and it only comes with 4 Gig of memory. I would talk to a reseller and see if they have any information on the system but at this time there is no upgrade information available to us for that system.
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Hi, Yes on the web site there is a FAQ that lists all the min and max memory that each

model can have, and it shows for the R580 it can go up to 8 gigs. Thats

why I was wondering which module from corsair it could use..


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I'm sorry I should of been specific, on the samsung website, under mobile, and under

the support/FAQ under the topic, can I upgrade the hard drive, if you go in there,

it has a reference to upgrading the memory. Where on the list you will see the

R580 listed with 4 Gig as the standard and max of 8 Gig..

Thanks, Hope this would help...

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Ramguy, Here is the transcript from Samsung about the laptop I have,

so based on this DDR3 PC3-8500 204-pin SODIMM, do you carry and have

4 Gig modules with this spec that will work..????


Many Thanks for everything...




info: Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.

info: You are now chatting with 'Jewel A'

Jewel A: Hello, I am a Samsung Technical Support representative. How may I assist you today?

Visitor: Yes, I just got a NP-R580 laptop from Best Buy and I am

Visitor: very happy with it, but I would like to upgrade the memory

Visitor: to 8 gigs from the original 4. Can this be done and if so , which memory do you recommend,

Visitor: Thasnks,

Jewel A: Let me check the information for you.

Jewel A: Please hold on for a moment.

Visitor: ok

Jewel A: Thank you.

Jewel A: Thanks for holding.

Jewel A: Yes, the model you provided can support Maximum Memory of 8 GB.

Jewel A: Supportsing Memory Type is: DDR3 PC3-8500 204-pin SODIMM

Jewel A: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

Visitor: so any memory that meets that requirement should work OK.???

Jewel A: Yes, it will work.

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