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Cold Boot - BSOD - a few times then fine


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I have 2 sets of CMX4GX3M2A1600c7. I can install one of the sets in either 1 & 2 Bank, Or 3 & 4. And it will run fine.


My Second set if I add it to either 1 & 2 Bank, Or 3 & 4 With or without the other set installed I will get the BSOD 2 - 3 times ... then it will boot into Windows 7 64 bit just fine and continue to run. Until the next day and I go though this again. I did run a windows mem test and all passed. I have not run mem 86+ yet.


Is this a memory prob or a motherboard that doesn't like 4 slots filled.

These are the default bios setting selection.


I can run the passmark performance test and all is fine when it gets going.

Speed on CPU and Mem is great.


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Thanks for explaining it to me.... but I thought it said I was running it at 9-9-9-24-34 .... I did look in the bios an it was set to 1.65v. @ 669.7 Mhz


If I change the voltage to 1.5 will that lower it? Sorry to be so slow at getting this .. I have not had to do this ... since I do not overclock I let the bios auto set everything.

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yes .. these are the default settings ... it works great with 4 gig (2 sticks).

When I put 4 stick in .. I get the BSOD .. at start up then it will load windows after 2 or 3 times .. then run fine .. at these settings till I reboot the next day.

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Ok .. I think My problem is with one of my sets of memory. I changed my setting to 9-9-9-24-34 -2T ... but one set will not run in either dual channel stable. It works sometime the on some bootups there is the BSOD.


My other set runs great in 9-9-9-24-34 -2T or 9-9-9-24-34 -1T (auto set in bios). and has ran for a few weeks without a single problem.


I did run memtest but all seems good.

Not sure how else to check them.


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