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Got my SSD Back, Need Advice


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OK, so i had two R120's in Raid, came home one day and had a Bootmgr is missing error. Tried to trouble shoot for a couple of days and determined on drive had failed. RMA'd it and got it back (maybe a new one??) on Friday. In the meantime i kept the good one and installed windows from scratch, with the idea of imaging the drive and re-setting up my RAID array and restoring. So now i have 3 options as i see it and would like some advice.


1. Backup my (e) single SSD partition. RAID 0 my two R120's and restoring the partition on my RAID.


2. Keep the drives seperate, and use the second one for additional space for installing games. I.e.: Left for Dead 2, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, etc. all of which take up a lot of space.


3. Keep the one drive and use other for backing up/imaging the partition while i secure erase the other one and vice versa.


Any advice?

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