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i have to say that my confidence in corsair is dwindling....this is the second psu in less than a year that died. i gave corsair a second chance because of all the good reviews and few other lower end psus i own from them which have been fine. and i figured i just got a bad psu the first time, so whats the chance of another one being bad. i even got a hx850 instead of a hx750 this time. tonight while playing BFBC2 my system just died, out of the blue. so now im faced with the endless rma waiting.....this really pisses me off as now i either have to pay extra to get a replacement now or wait weeks to get this replaced....what the hell is up with these new psus. all i seem to hear on the forums is that the new "professional" psus keep having problems. considering the quality that they are supposed to be i cannot understand why they are still plagued with so many problems. seems to me like corsair should have stuck with seasonic as their manufacturer......this thing is less than 3 months old.
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