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Power supply bad, motherboard bad, or both?


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I have had a lot of trouble with a new computer build that I am doing. The computer includes all the equipment shown in my profile, but the issues are with respect to the motherboard and power supply (corsair vx450).


Here is the sequence of events:

- Computer would not boot or even show any signs of power when turned on with corsair power supply. Another power supply was connected and everthing worked great.

- RMAed the Corsair

- Computer continues to run with temporary replacement power supply (non corsair) with no issues even though power supply is slightly underpowered for system.

- New corsair power supply is received and installed in computer. Computer will not boot and there is a loud grinding sound coming from the power supply when turned on

- Corsair is taken out of computer and temporary replacement power supply (non corsair) is put back in. Computer boots fine.

- The corsair ps is tested with the paperclip test and fails... fan does not spin, loud grinding still heard.

- It is then noticed that the sound (motherboard integrated) is very fuzzy with the non corsair power supply. This was not happening before.


I guess i'm wondering a few things at this point... Is this just really awful luck I've had, or is it possible that there is some form of incompatibility between this power supply(VX 450) and this motherboard (Gigabyte EP445-UD3L)? or was there something wrong with the motherboard all along but somehow it only showed up with the corsair? And/or is the sudden broken audio caused by the second power supply which was broken?


I have built several computers in the past and have never had this many problems.. I am now in the process of RMAing both products through NCIX. If anyone has any feedback or ideas at this time it would be appreciated.





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It's possible that the PSU is detecting a short or grounding issue that the other PSU is not, but that wouldn't explain why the unit fails the paperclip test. If possible I would test the PSU in a different system to know for sure if the PSU is failing. If you can duplicate the issues in a different system then I would suggest replacing the PSU. Either way I would agree that it sounds most likely a problem with either the board or the PSU.
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