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HX 520 W , 12V rail problems


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Hello, 1st of all, this problem appears some time allready, I dont remember exaclty but it can be more then 1 year even. But as it allways somehow solved it self I didnt try to replace it yet.


The problem: 1st the PC wont start up, the fans spin up for a few seconds just as the pc would start normaly, but the theres a powerlos and the pc reboots, this happens either till I shut the PC down or it starts up. The 2nd possible way is that the PC starts up ok at the 1st try, but then when I load a game theres again a powerlos after few seconds to few minutes.


What I noticed, everytime this happens, the 12V rail is shown to have 11.3-11.4 V, other rails are more or less ok, just about 0.1 V less then the needed. When the PC is running OK the motherboard says 11.8-12.04 V.


No I havent used a multimeter yet, planning to that this week. Ill update then. Im also about to try another PSU, the graca was replaced meanwhile, even several times. Also It seems and not seems to be a heating problem. Sometimes the problem appears after running the PC for severeal hours, sometimes even the PC was not used a few days, it can appear right away.


I also tried 5V adapters, so that why I think its either the PSU or the motherboard.


For now I would like to know if someone had a similar problem and also if I still have waranty? even the shop I have bought it says 2 years? (wich are over)


thanks in advance.

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If possible, I would suggest testing the PSU in a different system to see if you can duplicate the same issues. If it looks like the PSU is causing the problems then please Request an RMA.


The 12v rail should remain between 11.4v-12.6v to be within spec, but motherboard readings can be fairly inaccurate and a multimeter would be the only definite way to know for sure.

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UPDATE nr.1: got a multimeter and did some measurings during the last weeks.


the MB readings are lower then the reall voltage, its ussualy +0.1 V in reall.


the voltage dropps down as soon as graphics cards starts to work for reall in games for example. It can dropp down as I described it before, but today as it was again restarting I got some strange readings, for a second max the readings even showed 10v or less, but it was for so short the PC was still working ok, also opening the PCcase in this case makes the problem less chance to appear.


Imo its the power supply.

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