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GigaByte X58-UD7 & Corsair H50


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Well, first of all thanks in advance. And sorry for my english skill, I'm from Spain.


Next month I want to buy a GigaByte X58-UD7 motherboard and I had in mind

buy a Corsair H50 to cooling the CPU (an i7 930).


The problem apparently is the existence of a backplate in the motherboard ...




Is the H50 backplate compatible with this?


Thanks about it and greetings from Spain.

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Another question ...


Looking at this picture ...




Can I change the face of the fans? Could be the fan fixed to the case exhaust the air despite intake air? So the 2nd fan would be an exhaust fan


In other words, in the picture the sense of the air is -----> and I want to put the fans in <--------------- ... Is this possible?


Greetings and thanks =D

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