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TWIN2X2048-8500C5D & TW2X4G6400C4PRO Memory Problems


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I originally purchased a 2GB Kit of 1066MHz CL5 DDR2 Dominator (TWIN2X2048-8500C5D). They worked great initially but after about 6 months they started causing issues. Whereby, the system refuses to boot to the BIOS stage on occasion and hard-locking randomly in Windows.


I tried the recommended procedure of manually setting the required voltage and timings within the BIOS but with no luck. I also tried lowing the frequency to 800MHz and loosening the latency, to no avail.


Having tried the memory modules individually in each of the DIMM sockets the problem still persists. The memory is present on the ASUS P5K Premium compatibility chart. I have also tested on other systems with the same result.


Memtest shows a long stream of red-coloured errors and any memory intensive activity in Windows produces lock-ups.


As a result I decided to shelve the memory and upgrade to two sets of TW2X4G6400C4PRO.


Since utilising the memory, the system would occasionally fail to start (no BIOS screen) until I performed a reset after which it seemed to work wonders (POSTed without any further intervention). At first, I thought it was simply a glitch with the BIOS or chipset. That is until recently, whereby the system mostly refuses to start. I tested each stick one-by-one as before and narrowed it down to a single problematic module.


When the module is stone cold it will boot-up briefly to allow for testing but becomes unstable rapidly unfortunately.


If the system starts, memtest diagnostics produced a constant list of red-coloured errors. Windows fails to boot despite working fine with the other modules. I also tested the suspect module with another P35 chipset M/B and an AM2 platform board with similar results.


If there's any other advice you can suggest? I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer.


If I need to RMA the two affected kits, is it at all possible to send them together in one parcel with each blister-pack clearly labelled with their respective RMA numbers? Alternatively, I could send them in one bigger parcel with two smaller jiffy-bags inside both clearly labelled with RMA numbers.


Thank you.


Kind Regards,

Carrick J.

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Thanks for the response.


I've successfully RMA-ed them. Unfortunately, I've been sent two different RMA numbers and two case numbers. Neither one refers to which memory model it's applicable to.


Can you tell me which memory model matches which RMA/case number?


1st received:


Case #1441657

RMA# 1160034


2nd received:


Case #1441654

RMA# 1160091


Thank you.


Kind Regards,


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