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Memory Failed with QuickPar 0.9.1

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Hi and Thanks for letting me Join such a Helpfull Forum. :D:


Iam having problems with Quickpar when tring to fix missing files with large Movies that are over 8 gigs, Quickpar just keeps looping and adding more gigs to the file and not repairing it, telling me Veryfied failed, Also Noticed that My Folder settings keep Changing all the time, and i get the blue screen of death also at times, ever since quickpar has giving me problems all of this is happening I think its a Ram issue, Whats is the best way to test My Ram ? to make sure it is The memory, i do have memtest 4.0 and i know i have to check the Memory Sticks one at a time, is there another test i should Run? Thanks in Advanced ;):

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