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memory issue - 2 kits of TR3X6G1600C7


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I have the same problem. Same motherboard, Tried all BIOS revision. My cpu is a i7 920. I have two kit of TR3X6G1600C7 ( cpu-z show CM3X6G1600C7 ?)



Sometime my system show the 12gb. I have test my two kit with Memtest with a 6gb configuration. No error. I never get the same amount detected. The worst is when the system boot with all 12gb but few hour later, in Windows I see it drop to 10gb or less. Never the same.


I have RMA the moterboard. The new one have the same problem. Don't think it's cause by a defect part, but an incompatibility between this motherboard and memory model. As QVL from Asus, some Memory module aren't working in a 6 slot configuration. As I can see, not in 3 slot neither.


There is so many people having this problem, with different motherboard/memory configuration.

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