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Corsair TX650 - It went kaboom


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Last night while watching Season 3 of Friends my computer done what I hoped would never happen... It blew up! All of a sudden the PC turned off and I was expecting a BSOD, but it was just a black screen, then I saw a big spark from the PSU, heard a bang and a 'fizzle' then saw a small puff of smoke - the smell of the death of something electronic.


I don't have access right now to a sufficient PSU to test my other components with, but I have followed the instructions in this topic (http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=63991) to at least test the PSU. Connected a working fan to it and nothing - fan doesnt spin, neither the PSU fan. No noise from PSU at all either - total silence. Fan tested with an old 200w PSU


So the PSU is totally dead - it's still got over 3 years left of warranty but here is my question:


Would I get it repaired quicker by RMA'ing to Corsair themselves, or to the seller (Aria.co.uk)


And how long does an RMA replacement usually take because I am a geek - been without my PC 12 hours and missing it already :laughing:

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