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computer won't shut down, just restarts


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So I just swapped out my old case, an ******** for this one. Same components, but my system won't shut down, that is power off when shut down in windows, it just restarts after a short power off pause.

Here are the steps:

1. Shut down from windows

2. System shuts down, powers off for 3 seconds or so.

3. System immediately starts back up, almost like it lost power starts booting into windows etc. Also does this when the computer goes to sleep etc.


Same result every time.


The only way to get it to power off is to shut down from windows, wait for the power up again, hit reset button in the middle of post, then hold down the power button. This doesn't even work every time.


Also, holding down the power button without hitting the reset button in middle of post will not shut it down without it immediately firing back up.


I have heard others having this issue, but I didn't see a cause or a fix.


The only change is the case, its not a windows problem because it does it even when just in post screen.


Steps I tried so far:

removing all front panel connectors, power, reset switch power/hdd led's leads. (turned on via power button on motherboard)

Made sure all bios settings were set to not turn on after ac power loss.


The system is rock solid, with NO random resets or anything like that. The only thing I added was the power extension cable for the upper left part of the motherboard by the cpu. I am wondering if this isn't connected properly or is defective, does anyone know if this cable has anything to do with atx system telling the power supply to shut off?



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You may want to take a look in your BIOS. I know alot of BIOS have features to turn on if you press a key on your keyboard and whatnot. Could be one of these features is not working properly, might not be your problem but worth a look.
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im not doubting your eyesight but is there a chance there was an extra motherboard standoff that is on the backplane but not lined up with a screwhole? just by luck it could be sending a ground signal to a power signal trace on the back of the board?

i built an A7V a while back with a similar symptom and there was an extra standoff i missed.

and im into the hundreds on the count of PCs ive built/upgraded over the past 20 years.


based on the fact that all you did was swap cases it may be worth the trouble taking the board out and having a look.

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