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Possible TX 850 issue


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Hello. I am new to the forums.


About three weeks ago, I built a comp for a friend. The specs for his computer are the ones I entered as my own when I registered for these forums. For three weeks, everything went fine, but then this morning I get a phone call. My friend pressed the power button, the fans started for a split second, and then everything shutoff. Now nothing happens when you press the power button.


He is bringing me the system back for me to diagnose, but off the top of my head I am leaning towards power supply failure. I will test it of course, But it will be a couple of days before I can get to it. My questions are "Does anyone have a similar setup with problems? Does anyone else believe that it is the psu?" I have the same PSU on my system for over a year, and I recommended it to my friend because it is highly stable.

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I'm having the same issue with a TX650W. PC shut down. When the power is turned on fans start momentarily then stop.


Yesterday I tried the PSU in another system and got the same thing.


After work today, I did the jumper test and it works fine.


I put the TX650W back into the original system and now appears to work fine. I will let it run for a few hours to see if it quits again.


Does the TX series have an internal breaker?

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