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HX1000W Power turns on, off then on again but no display


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Hi everyone, after a power outrage, when I press the on button, it turns on, then off, then on again but without display (it beeps and everything,) I can hear the HD working but no display whatsoever (It wasn't like this before the outrage, it was all normal)


I have a Asus Rampage Extreme II Mobo and 2 GTX285 EVGA cards, I unplugged everything and just left one memory and one VGA but still no luck. Tried to clear cmos, changed cmos battery, but no luck, I don't know what the problem is, and I don't have any other PSU to test, on the lcd poster of the Mobo shows everything is normal.


I really don't know what is going on, could it be the power supply in this case? but why does it turn on but no display? Please help!!!!



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It sounds like the power outage must have damaged something. There is not enough evidence to prove that the PSU is the failure point, but if you would like to try a replacement you can Request an RMA. If testing the graphics cards and memory one at a time did not give you any different results then its got to be the PSU, motherboard, or CPU that is causing the problems.
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