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Looking for 120GB Reactor series feedback


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I'm considering purchasing a 120GB Reactor series SSD to replace the 360GB HDD I have in my HP dv4-2145dx laptop. I've pretty much "cut my teeth" on my brother-in-law's computers by installing two OCZ SSD drives, and now I'm looking at installing a Corsair drive on one of mine.


So does anyone have any feedback, positive or negative, about this drive in a laptop environment?


Is this good for a laptop system?


What's the "real" life expectancy of an SSD device like this?


I'll likely leverage the many Windows 7-related SSD tips as well as adding a RAMDisk to help reduce writing for temp files, etc. because I won't have a secondary HDD like on a desktop setup (other than occasionally an external UPS HDD) I understand that minimizing writes id essential to maintain the life of the drive.


I know this is leading-edge technology, so I'm looking for any feedback you may have.



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