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TX750 Low Frequency Hum Sound


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Hello, I have a 750TX supply that at times makes a low frequency 'hum' sound at about 1 sec intervals. I did isolate the noise coming from inside the 750TX supply. The sound is weak but does get annoying. I do not hear the 'hum' at computer start up nor at all times while using the computer.


Otherwise the 750TX supply seems to be working as I have no problems with the computer.


I'm wondering if this sound is normal if the 750TX supply is running at a lighter load? The 750W is more power than I currently need but I bought it to have the power as I add components to my build.


Thank you for the help!

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The sound may be caused by a few different reasons, try the suggestions in this thread to see if you can narrow it down.


The noise itself would not indicate any increased risk of the PSU or the system failing, and is more of a cosmetic annoyance than anything else.

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