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TXEU950 PSU + Asus P5K SE freezes computer!


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Like another thread starter in this forum, I also started having major problems after with my computer after buying a new TX950 PSU and installing it.


Like the other thread starter I also have a ASUS motherboard, so it looks like there can be a problem with TX950 PSU and an ASUS motherboard ?


Sometimes my computer can work for 12-24 hours without any problems. But then suddenly it can either total freeze or re-boot without any error message or warning.


I investigated about any other possible cause of this problem, but it first started after installling the TX950 powersupply, and I can no longer see it be because of anything else.


So question is now. Do I really have to go buy another PSU of another brand, or is there a way to fix this ? Can I do a BIOS update or anything like that, or is it just a problem with the Corsair TX950 PSU's ?


Does me no good to have it just exchanged to another Corsair TX950 if its a problem they all have.. And I guess its not possible to just get my money back due to this problem ?


Anyone who can advice on how I should handle this problem ?


Thanksin advance.

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Please request an RMA and mention that you have already spoken with RAM GUY on the forum. Once you get the RMA number send an email to ramguy@corsairmemory.com and include a link to this thread along with your contact and shipping information and we will have our customer service provide you with some replacement options.
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Thanks for the reply Ram Guy. But to be hornest I don't see the point of going through an RMA. I have to buy another PSU unit anyway, since I can not be without my computer for as long as it take you to deal with such an RMA case. And I risk just getting it back saying that nothing is wrong, since its limited to certain motherboards. Just not gonna waste my time and money on sending it around the world.


I went out and got myself a new PSU a couple of days ago(and not a Corsair!), and my computer have not froozen or re-booted since installing the new PSU. So the Corsair TX950W PSU WAS the problem without a doubt.


$175 wasted, eventhough I'll try to resell the PSU for 1/2 price to someone without an ASUS motherboard..


I'll not be buying a Cosair PSU again, thats for sure...

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