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HX1000W Possible PCI-E Problems


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Hi there!

Neebe at the helm of a HX1000.

I have a Corsair 800D and I'm placing a modded HX1000...I know we shouldn't be modding our power supplies but the computer will be displayed in my living area. Wife says "make it look nice or it's not going to be in the living area":sigh!:


I was testing the power supply before putting it in the case and I got some odd readings from my power supply tester. Being a newbee, I was hoping someone could look at my pics and see if there are potential problems for my power supply.


-pic 635 is the power supply 8pin and 24pin only connected to the power supply tester.


-pic 638 is the power supply 8pin, 24pin and the PCI-E 8pin. Accompanied with a beeping sound from the tester.


-pic 639 is the power supply 8pin, 24pin and the PCI -E 6+2 12v1


-NO Pic I had the power supply 8pin, 24pin and the PCI-E 6+2 12v2 plugged in. I had the same results as pic 638.


Any response would be much appreciated. PS I understand that a beeping sound from the tester isn't a good sign but I've been reading a few posts and it has been mentioned that the acruacy of the testers are questionable.






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I've attached one more pic.


-pic 0129 has me with a voltage meter hooked into the PCI-E (this is the PCI-E that's comming directly out of the PSU and not the modular cable) and I get a 25.8 reading. Like I said I'm new and I'm not sure if I even have the voltage device setup correctly but you would notice if I did in the pic.


Thanks again.


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