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Thank you for the RMA


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my dead VX550 was RMA'd successfully by my retailer in 4 days time. The new one is working smooth (so far) I suspect i was unfortunate to get a faulty PSU the 1st time.


Thanks for the quick support.


I just want to ask one more thing, with my new PSU, all my PC fans (including the processor and GPU) run for a brief 2~3 seconds after my PC shutsdown (when i shut down) then stop. Is this normal? or should i be concerned?


I have a cm690 case so i cant see if the PSU's fans are spinning for that 2 seconds.



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You got a RMA in 4 days ???:eek: you are very very lucky, that's a month I have no new from my psu :sigh!:


About your spinning fans, some motherboards/psu do that and it is (as far as I know) normal. This is maybe a system safety (running at full speed all fans for a brief time to help evacuate remaining heat), to cool components.


Google it to be sure, that's what I think but it may not be that :sunglasse

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