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VX550W consuming power when turned off


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I have noticed a strange behavior with my VX550 PSU and would like some feedback on it.


I have monitored the power consumption of my computer using a watt meter and noticed it reads about 20W when the computer is turned off (but with PSU power button on 1) and 11W when the PSU is turned off (with PSU power button on 0). I find this last figure a bit strange.


I have tested the same computer using a Corsair VX450 PSU and the power consumption with PSU turned off is a solid 0 while power consumption with only computer turned off is much lower than 20W.


Is my VX550 having an issue or is this expected behavior ?

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  • Corsair Employees

This is either an issue with the watt meter or the PSU. I can't even explain how the PSU could draw any power at all without being plugged into a motherboard, so I tend to suspect that the watt meter is not calibrated correctly with the VX550, but its hard to say for sure. Since the other PSU seems to register more accurate results there is either a discrepancy between the watt meter and the VX550, or the VX550 is faulty in some way. If you like, we can replace the unit for you, but I can not tell you with 100% certainty that the replacement would give you different results.


Request an RMA

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