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Help me config 4x CM2X2048-8500C5D w. eVGA 780i


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I have 4 modules of TWIN2X4096-8500C5D (total 8GB RAM) running on my eVGA 780i (BIOS has been updated to latest).


My system shows instability with BSODs coming up every now and then.


I realize that 4 modules is probably the issue. Whenever I test them individually in MemTest it seems to be fine.


Right now, here is what I've got them running at.

800 MHz (5-5-5-15 2T @ 2.4V)

tRRD 3 (auto)

tRC 23 (auto)

tWR 5 (auto)

tWTR 9 (auto)

tREF 7.8uS (auto)

SLI-ready memory disabled

nForce SPP: 1.45V (default seems to be 1.30V, not sure will check)



From what I can tell SPP is the memory controller, yes?

2.4V to the RAM seems a little scary to me.


I'd appreciate any pointers on how to run all four modules stably. Thank you.

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Please test each kit individually at 1066MHz 2.1v 5-5-5-18-2T and see if there are any issues running either kit. IF both kits are ok then it would suggest a limit of the memory controller at which point you may need to drop down to 667MHz.
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Alright, I will do that when I get a chance. But isn't 667 MHz terribly slow? Will I see any impacts on performance? I mostly game but occasionally edit/encode video.


In which case, do you have any suggestions in terms of compatible memory configurations that would run at 800MHz or 1066 MHz? I am looking to use dual channel with a total of 8GB.

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I have tested the modules and they are fine. Can someone please answer my question? I am wondering if 667 MHz will have any practical impact on performance during gaming and video editing. Also, if it does, what alternative kit of RAM might I be able to use with my eVGA 780i that would allow me to run 8GB total memory at 800 MHz?
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