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Voyager 16GB problem


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I bought yesterday Flash Voyager 16GB . I tried to copy some files on it. On my notebook (win 7 64bit) ,it worked and I was able to copy everything back. then I tried to connect it with desktop (win XP pro). I had some files with films inside of Voyager. some files copied without troubles into PC . but when I tried to copy some other files it disconnected and immediately connected PC but the copying was cancelled. I can't copy or move those files but I can delete them. I tried formating into NTFS but I wasn't successful. these troubles appears just with some files or folders. and it doesn't appear on my notebook.... is it problem of my desktop or is this Voyager damaged ?

if I should send it to you, where would I send it. I'm from Czech republic (Europe)


I'm really sorry for my english :sigh!:

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It sounds like the port you used on the desktop may have a problem, do you have more than one port and did you try another port? Also I would suggest using one of the ports that is directly connected to the MB like by the I/O on the back of the system.
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yes i tried every port. and its always same mistake.

and it makes another strange thing. i had formated it on NTFS and when i'm copying files it's quick.but then it wait and doesn't do anything. so the time that win thinks it will take is not wright. it takes much longer. and then it start to copy another file.another fast copying and a break and so on :/ strange

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where should I find which usb chip I've got ?


If you have an USB 2 adapter card, you can read what's written on the chip on the adapter card.


Or you can look in the Windows Device Manager.

1. Open the Device Manager (right-click on "My Computer" and open "Properties" / "Hardware" / "Device Manager").

2. In the Device Manager, open "Universal Serial Bus controllers" / "Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller" / "Properties" / "Details" / "Device Instance ID".

3. For the D720101GJ chip, the device ID contains:

VEN_1033 (=NEC)

DEV_00E0 (=D72010* series)

You can look up the PCI VEN/DEV codes at http://www.pcidatabase.com

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