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HX1000W Problem


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I just RMA'd my Corsair 1000HX which I purchased less than a year ago because of a fan problem and received a new one. After opening the new one and installing it into my PC and I found that the one I just received wasn't powering my fans or anything else in my PC. The only thing that was working were the Fan in the PSU, the LED on my EVGA X58 Classified Motherboard, the Blue LED for my reservoir that was plugged into the 4-pin connector, and that's pretty much it. Mostly everything is connected through a 4-pin connector except my GPUs. I'm mad right now because I received a product and had it for less than an hour doesn't work. When I RMA it again, I better receive a pre-paid shipping label because I'm not paying $32 for a piece of garbage that doesn't work. Sorry for the language, I'm just frustrated.
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