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hmm the best is teamspeak, my clan tested ventrilo, ts2 and mumble (before rent a server)... ts was the best voice and is fast and is easy to configurate, so we (my clan) have a ts3 server, and the most other clan´s (friends) have also ts3, easy to switch...









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I don't know about audio quality, but mumble sounds pretty good to me, especially with auto volume leveling and echo cancellation.


Mumble has by far the best latency, too. There are a lot of videos like this:




I have setup murmur servers before, but I never heard of uMurmur. Looks interesting. It should be pretty easy to implement, you should give it a shot Wired.

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I just read a news that said that Battlefield 3 will not be available on private servers.:[pouts:
Yeah, too bad. Found one probable host for it though: http://www.gameservers.com/corporate/article.php?id=2295


Anyone playing any other FPS right now? Been playing Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter with some friends the past couple of nights. Serious Sam 3: BFE comes out in a month, BF 3 in 2 months.

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