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H50 + amd 965be


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I Bought the H50 a few days ago and setup was really easy using the vids. At first i only used the stock fan and put it on for exhaust as the rad+fan was replacing the exhaust fan on my case (except psu) so pretty pointless to have no exhaust and loads of warm air coming into the case. With this one fan setup i monitored the temps 44C at idle and 57C under 100% load this had me a little concerned at first.


So next step i thought add a second fan to the rad in a push/pull style so the only spare 120mm fan i had was the replacement exhaust i had from the case which is a silenx 72CFM (stock fan with the h50 is only 50cfm) http://www.silenx.com/ixtremaproledfans.asp


That did the trick and bought the temps down to 36C ish at this point i didnt put 100% load on so no idea what the temp would have been i was more interested if i could get the temps even lower. Lower temps equals more to overclock right? So i read more reviews and posts on various forums and saw bios fans speeds hmm i thought. Power down bios up yep fan controls in bios so i tried a few settings fans on, duty cycles etc etc, the best setting is disabled all. This way the pump and fans are running full wack all the time.


New temps and current are 33C at idle, 46C 100% load using OCCT for 1 hour then, 1hour using prime95, now for a amd 965BE which is rated at 62C max temp i have room to overclock.


Jist of the story check the fan controls in bios, make sure you have decent flow of air, add that 2nd rad fan it really does help.



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