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P64, slow write speed


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I have two p64 running in raid 0 mode, (windows 7 x64),

and now the write speed dropped from about 350mb/s to

40mb/s... i think the itgc is not working as it should?

how can i find out the firmware of my devices?

is there a possibility tu run trim on raid0 devices?

is there a way to find out if the devices is garbage





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  • Corsair Employees

You will have to run Crystal Disk Info on the drives and see what the firmware version is. And you may need to break the Raid array to see the drives firmware with that application.


And no TRIM will not function with most drivers but it would depend on what firmware version is installed on the drive and if you are using Windows 7 and what controller and the driver it uses.


I would suggest using Accronis to make and image of the drive (if you are using Windows) then use Parted magic to Wipe the drive under tools select Erase Disk and Secure Erase and then, install the drive on the system you will be using it as a second HDD and format it with the QUICK Option Only and 32k Allocation then test it with Atto again to be sure its running properly then delete the partition and image the drive back to its original image and you are done.

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