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Old bad stick of CMX512-3200C2PT


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I have an old stick of CMX512-3200C2PT that I was hoping to sell. When I tested it, it came back bad.


If I RMA this, it's going to cost me like $10 for shipping and the stick is only worth about $10 anyway.


My question is, if I RMA this, what is the likelihood I will get the same stick replaced or will I get an upgraded version that might be worth more to sell?


Thanks for any information you can provide.



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Looks like I got them as a set on 12/19/2005 from newegg.com - I believe the other stick of this set is in my brothers computer and I don't even know if that computer is still around.... (sold?) Will that be an issue?


Here's the link to the original product info where I purchased it with a credit card:



Thanks again.

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You can try to request the RMA but it may get kicked back and declined and if so you would just need to call in and talk to our customer service. But make the RMA request first for the single module and you would ship the module to us and we will replace it with something else as that part is no longer available.
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