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Windows 7 X128 and Cluster Size


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Finally got around to installing Windows 7 on my X128. However, despite having pre-formatted the drive with a 32k Allocation, when the win7 fresh boot setup routine asked me to select a partition it refused to install it on my SSD gave no clear reason.


I figured that it was because the partition had previously been created without being marked as 'Active' for OS files, which I couldn't do at the time because that would have prevented my then Raptor HD with Vista (the previous OS HD) from booting.


In the end I had to delete the partion and re-make it under windows 7's setup but obviously 7's setup routine did not give me any option to set a 32k allocation size and instead installed with its default 4k allocation (I'm not sure how much difference this will make on an SSD but I guess, even with TRIM, it will degrade performance faster?).


Anyway, in the future when I come to do another clean install, how can I install windows 7 with a 32k allocation size? Windows 7's setup routine gives me no option and doesn't want to install unless I make the SSD partition under its own install method.

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The default settings with an SSD in Windows 7 should run properly and 4K allocation is fine for one drive but you can use Accronis to make and image to another drive then quick format the drive with 32K Allocation and test it to be sure its running properly then delete the partition and then image it back to the drive it should retain the allocation size.
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