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It will depend on the O.S (Windows 7 Only) and the driver that is used if TRIM will function.


Hi Ram Guy,


For the clarity, i am ussing OS 7 and the Nova 64GB trim and AHCI is enebaled. So i can note that my Trim is working?

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For Trim to be working correctly in Win 7 you must be using the MS driver. There is a good how to at the top of the forum. I checked this myself last night as I have been encoding 24/7 to the drive then cuttting the completed files and pasting them a storage drive. After encoding and removing about 18 movies and associated data I ran Atto to verify the drive performance. Then after 90 minutes of idle time ran it again and saw a bump up in performance. At this time aside from Intel based controllers I do not know of any that pass the trim command to the drive. Attached are my results.



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