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4 Corsair R60 in Raid 0 -- Odd Results?


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Hi Everyone


I was impressed with the perfromance I had with my 3 R60' in Raid. So figured what the heck I will go for 4.


The results are less than I hoped for and if you look, not as good as just running 3.


Nothing has really changed but my adding a backpane to house the drives and it works great. I am also getting intermittant boots telling me the Bootmgr is missing. I think the odd man out is the new #4 drive. It posted a really poor result when I checked it alone. I set the 4 drives up the same as I did the original 3 using secure erase, 126 KB stiripe and 32mb allocation. Fashed the OS with True image and here we are.


I am going to do the whole thing again with secure erase and reformat later today just to see if something went bad in the first try. Guess if that don't help, the drive goes back to the egg for RMA and I run 3 till I get it replaced. I will also ask them not to ship the darn thing in an envelope next time!


I posted the comparison below. Do they look normal?


Thanks for any suggestions you might have,




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Hi Ram Guy,


I tested it alone and the results were low in comparison to the other three and it would drop out of the raid control menu without being in the array. On multiple boots it would come and go when in the array and I was only able to get back to stability in the system when I removed it. So I finally gave up after 4 times with no success.


Something I though odd. I ran Crystal Disk on the new drive after having it in the system for probably 5 hours and it came back showing 0 hours use. My other three show reasonable hours. Two at 35 hours and one at 21. I bought the first 2 a few days before the 3rd.


I am running the 3 R60's again with no issue and just updated to the new Intel drivers. The three seem to run great together but I do see an dip in perfromance between 16 and 64mb. Then they pick back up. Not sure why that happens.



Thanks again for the response.


Drive info

Model : Corsair CSSD-R60GB Firmware : 1.0

Serial Number : 1007089900000048004B

Disk Size : 60.3 GB (8.4/60.3/60.3)

Power On Hours : 0 hours Power On Count : 16 count

Temparature : 40 C (104 F) Health Status : Good

Features : S.M.A.R.T., APM, 48bit LBA, NCQ, TRIM

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Hi Ram Guy,


I had already submitted an RMA with the egg by the time I read your post. New drive will arrive Monday. I will post results when I get the system wiped and operating again. I have three that work pretty good so probably just got a bad one. I am an engineer for a high volume manufacturer so I know this stuff happens.


This time I am going for a fresh install of WIN7 so I can make sure the partitioning goes right. The image I am using has been around the block a few times so going to do it the hard way and start fresh.


One question. Is Diskeeper really that good for keeping the drives fresh. I bet I have read a dozen stories and each have conflicting opinions. I am doubting the new Intel RST is really supporting Trim with Raid (though I have it loaded) so looking for something that will delay the need for secure erase. With 4 drives, not something I want to do very often. I value your opinion so fire away.


Thanks for the support and great forum.

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  • Corsair Employees

Not a problem, and I would suggest testing the drive by it self just to be sure.

Then when you do set that up I would also suggest you wipe the drives with Parted Magic before you create the new array.


Diskeeper was mentioned here on the forum a few times and when I first tested the software I was not seeing any improvement in fact the results were way worse. So I contacted Diskeeper and told them who I was that we had a few uses trying to use their software they graciously helped me in understanding the issues and what may have been the reasons I had some problems with the software.

And Yes their software works great in preserving performance.

However it will not recover an array or poorly running drive, it has to be running from day one. And you will need to make sure that you have the correct version that supports SSD's with Hyperfast.

Please see:

Optimizing Solid State Storage With HyperFast™ Technology

This thread has some good information about what to look for and how to setup diskeeper.

There are several threads going back a few months ago with helpful information that I will try to put together about Diskeeper I will try to put together for you later but I am a little short on time ATM.

However, if you are interested in their software I would encourage you to go to their site and ask questions their staff is knowledgeable and helpful so I am sure you would be happy with them.

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Thanks for the great information. I will at least get the trial version with Hyperfast and give it a go when I finish the new array.


For sure going to do a secure erase prior to loading the OS and get them formatted to the right specs. Windows will be a challenge keepng it that way, but found a post here with info on how to set allocation in setup. Will also check the new drive when it gets here to make sure everything is happy with it.


Also took the plunge and bought an 800D this weekend. I will be a while before I migrate everything over to it because I want to take some time to make it look its best and add supplimental cooling. My SLI GTX275 FTW cards tend to run a little hot so looking at ways to send a little air their way.


Thanks again, once it is all done I will post the reslts.


Best regards,

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  • Corsair Employees

No problem and please let me know how you make out!

I know what you mean about the case that was my plan as well but a few Red Horse's and lots of bragging later it was up and running after a night of building and a few 6 Packs of Red horse. LOL :eek:

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I know what you mean .. almost plunged right in when I got it home and then managed to resist ... how long is the bigger question :sunglasse I have enough stuff ordered to keep me out of it for a couple more days (I hope).


Will check the new drive when it arrives today and then update the OS and the new array when I move it all to the 800 :laughing:

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New Drive arrived and appears ok in spite of the egg shipping in that !x?o!! envelope again!!


Anyway .. Scores say in the ballpark. A little slow on the reads but not bad. Writes are above spec so looks like we have a good one. Going to leave it idling in the system to see if it logs hours.


Next post will be with the new case and all 4 drives in Raid 0 :D:


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Well a lot of work and I feel I wasted 3 days. Sorry to say, but R60 drives simply will not support 4 in Raid 0 in my setup. So staying with 3 and will find a place somewhere for #4. See results. Write results with 4 drives is impressive but I sacrifice too much read perfromance. Tried different combinations of drives and all perfrom the same. I can with deal using 3 drives, so no issue, just disappointing. Also I still have this odd drop in perfromance between 16 and 32. Then the drive picks back up speed again and is ok. I think it is controller related but can't identify where or why it happens.


So at this point I have to say I am a bit disappointed. Bought the extra drive for no good reason and will sell it off or rehome to a netbook I have. Also, take a look a the info on the drive. Had it in the system for 3 days playing with it .. still showing zero hours. This is very odd since I am showing 60 hours on drive D, 50 on H, and 41 on F. Is something going on with the batch Newegg has or is there a reason one drive of 4 would not clock hours in the system?


I hate to say the bigger disappointment was the 800D. Love the looks of the case and I really had high hopes but it fails to meet expectations cooling my system on air. And this is after I installed 3 90cfm pullers on top and double checked my H50 (which has 2 90 CFM fans in push pull). As I write I am looking at all 4 cores at 44c - 46c and video cards idling at 55 (80% Fans). If I use auto (40%) they idle above 60c. Crazy hot case.


Posted the case stuff where it belongs and removed discussion from this topic.


Thank you





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Installed OS to the three old drives. Actually attempted to go ahead and set up raid with all 4 drives but again .. if I used the new drive the raid array, it would fail every time. Seems isolated to the new drives I am getting from the Egg.


So I set up 3 as before and everything seems to be running fine. Not sure what to do with the new drive at this point. Not sure if I should trust it in another computer or not. Just went full circle with it and no success.


Here is my atto score for the new install. I think the 3 drives are doing ok




After Install of Diskeeper - Something wrong here. Drives slow down.




Removed Diskeeper ... Whew !!! Almost back to speed but impacted write speed and now the perfromance drop at 16 is back



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  • Corsair Employees
Are you using the On-board Raid controller? If so did you use the latest Intel Mass storage driver? If not I would strongly suggest trying that as it has improved performance in many other configurations. And it will enable TRIM support.
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Using onboard controller and with 3 drives everything is fine. Did a fresh install and F6ED the latest intel drivers as I was doing it (see pic). I purposely let WIN7 allocate the drive as an experiment and was amazed at the perfromance (3 drives).


I tried adding #4 and things went out the window three times (failed drive). Got me as to why, but it happens every time. Also checked the new drive bare last night and still showing no hours use and a little lower than expected reads and writes. Pics below.


Gald I was able to recover back to normal removing Diskeeper, but with all the hype I thought it would help. Gotta say that was disappointing.


Using a good MB so doubt I have an issue there and it has been fine for my other raid drives in the past and present. I am sure I have adequate power coming from my new Corasir HX1000 and the drives are populated on their own power source with nothing else.


Again, not sure where to go with the new #4, seems like over did the purchase and have an orphan drive now. Looking back I think I should have went with 2 Nova 128's rather than the 4 Reactors. But too new to this to have known. Certainly gaining knowledge now though :headbang:


So thanks a lot for the advice and be sure to catch the thread with pics of it all in the new case. Air cooling is a challenge, but just got a load of new fans to pump some air in. Love the case and refuse to go back to my old one now.


Here are a couple of pics for reference for the drivers, R60 and info returned from crystal mark.




New Drive


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Got another question. If in fact the new Intel drivers support Trim within Raid, how to you know it is working and what is the best method to initiate / invoke the operation? I have heard let the PC sit on the login screen to initiate but what would be the indicator that it is actually active?


I know the string to imput at the command prompt and if the result returns zero it is active or available but how do you know it is functioning within Windows and actually active within Raid? I have read threads within the Intel forums that say it is not available as part of the driver package (in raid) but it is also claimed on other websites that is. The same claim was true for Diskeeper which reduced read perfromance imeadiately after installation so I am curious how we know it is actually working.


Installed the new fans my 800D. Got the help I needed cooling the cards, but the 140mm fans I got were butt ugly once I got them installed. Basic black is the answer for bottom intake fans. At least I found out it can be cooled but no photo moments in the near future.



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