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putting fan controller to sleep


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This thread might not belong here, so if mods needs to move, fine by me.

I have Windows 7 on an SSD drive with x58 SLI mobo and Corsair 1000W psu.

I water cool my system and use a fan controller to moderate the speed of all the fans. The controller, of course, draws power from the psu.

I'm trying to do the following: When the computer goes to sleep I want to disable the fan controller, thereby stopping all the fans. Since the system is being water cooled, the temps are low in idle and there is no reason for the fans to be on.

Is there a way to manage the controller, such that it goes into the sleep mode when the system does?

Even better, is there a way to stop power to a particular psu socket when the computer goes to sleep?

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If you were to let your fans go to sleep when the computer is a sleep you are going to burn up your entire system. You are wanting to put your computer into Hibernation or a suspended state. This shuts the computer down so that it saves what you have open on the system and powers off. Does not shut the PC down completely. Its a SUPER low power state that you have to hit the power button to resume Windows from. This is very different than sleep mode, which just turns your hard drives off and puts your monitor into a low power mode. Your fans will NEVER stop when in sleep mode, as the rest of the PC is still running.
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