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Dead P256 after format?


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New to the SSD's and all that so bear with me if I seem a little slow on the uptake.


Anyway I decided to put win 7 on my machine and had 2 p256's in raid 0. Used Parted magic to format the drives to have them back at full performance. The only problem is they have disappeared from bios and anything else. In fact I cannot boot the machine with one or both ssd's attached.


Installed win 7 on spare sata drive and all is fine, attach any of the 2 ssds and no joy. tried different cables and power cables. tried parted magic again and it does not see either drive when connected (together or singular). Cannot see drives in bios (on any setting - Raid, IDE, AHCI).


Any help to try and get these drives back up and in raid would be appreciated!!

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