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GA-MA770 UD3 + TWIN2X4096-8500C5 CL5 rev1.2


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I'm from russia.

I have a problem with running my 2 dimms of my XMS2 PC8500 C5 rev1.2 with my motherboard.

When I set up EPP mode for memory and EPP voltage my motherboard autotically read timings from EPP and set 5-5-5-15 with 2.120 voltage.

Then my system W7 X64 starting good..but.. It is not stable..

prime95 everytime errors in 2-5minutes or BSOD.

When I'm playing games I have much of BSOD too.. The only solution is to set 1.9V@800@4-4-4-12 to my memory..but Why I pay for PC8500? to use it only for 800Mhz? I think that is not good.. There is no way to run this memory on 1066 without errors, I have tried to manually configure timings and voltages, and set much voltage to processor memory controller(NB voltage) but It's anyway running unstable with errors and BSOD's..

Every tests was without any processor overclock..

Please help :[pouts:



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Test each module individually at 1066MHz and let us know if one of the modules fails. If it doesn't then you may need to overclock the memory controller by giving it more voltage.


I have already tried to overclock memory controller by giving 1.4V on it (NB)

Okay, I will test modules individually and post later.

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Yes! I found it!

One of my module in single channel was stable up to 30minutes, then I replace it with another and run OCCT again.. and.. in 2 minuters I have error! Then I run prime, and in 2 minutes 2 workers of 3 was stopped with errors!




Everest test had error too..



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