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4 x CM2X2048-8500C5C + ASUS PQ5 SE PLUS + WIN 7 64BIT = BSOD


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Hi everybody,

yesterday i have boughut 4 modules of CM2X2048-8500C5C for a total of 8gb of ram.

My motherboard is an "asus p5q se plus" that supports 1066mhz ram.My operating system is windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

i have installed the ram, formatted windows but i got always randomly a bluescreen with each time a different problem. I have tried with 6gb 4gb and 2gb of ram but this BSOD always appairs.

I came back to my 4gb of older xms2 at 800mhz and the system is now stable but HOW CAN I USE my NEW MODULES????


My bios is update, i have tried to:

  • disable usb legacy mode
  • set the first information about ram to 5-6-6-18
  • set the memory voltage to 2.10v
  • set the ram to 800mhz (but why if i got a ram to go to 1066mhz???)

but NOTHING give me a stable system, only to came back to the previous configuration.




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  • Corsair Employees
Please test each module at 1066MHhz by itself to see if you have a problem with one of the modules. If all of the modules check out fine at 1066MHz you would need to lower the memory frequency to 800MHz due to a limitation of the memory controller not the memory.
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i have tried with these setting (5-5-5-18) and clock to 800mhz and 667mhz too and my system freeze.

I set the voltage to 2.1 after to 2.20 and system freeze too. Also i tried with only 4gb (2x2gb) and got a BSOD again.

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i'm trying now with only 4gb(2x2gb) at 5-5-5-18-2T@1066@2.1v.


Windows seems to be stable but prime give me a hardware error after few second of test and randomly i have access violation error using application such as Jdownloader.



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have you tried resetting the bios?

also the only cm2x2048 ram on the Corsair compatibility page is DDR800 not 1066.

just curious, where did you get the info that this ram would be compatible with your board?

the exact model MB you list is not even on the chart, i used the p5q se/r reference instead. if my info is totally incorrect i apologize.

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Hi board,

finally i have solved all my problems and i'm runnig with 8gb of ram without any issue!!!


Now the tutorial to make all stable:

- Enter in your asus bios

- Go to Ai Tweaker Menu

- I you have a total of 4gb of ram (2x2gb) set DRam frequency to DDR2-1066Mhz.If you have a total of 8gb of ram (4x2gb) set Dram frequency to DDR2-800Mhz.

- Set Dram timing control to manual and the 4 option below to 5-5-5-18. All other option must still on Auto.

- Set DRam static read control to Disabled

- Set Dram reead training to Disabled

- Set Mem OC charger to Enabled

- Set Ai clock twister to Light

- Scroll down and finally set Memory Voltage to 2.10v.



Now the only thing is to choose if you want 4gb@1066mhz or 8gb@800mhz. I'm running now to 8gb@800mhz and is very faster and stable.

I have made test with memtest and prime95 and ALL is ok.


Enjoy your corsair ram.





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