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i7 930 - Asus p6x58D - TR3X6G1866C9DF


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As I am waiting the arrival of my new video card, the system is lying on its place awaiting...and I am suffering&frying (lol)


I bought 1 set of TR3X6G1866C9DF.

Do you think that is the best ram for mine new system considering that


- The system will be powered with Win7-Ultimate/64

- The system is used maily for work from my home - not my main office pc - and will use mainly excel, word, outlook and internet.

As I need a very reliable system I felt the 2000 OC rams were too bursted for what I actually need.

- the System is used also - on my spare time - to play just with Flight Simulator X (quite heavy), Half Life series (I am an old romantic guy lol), call of duty series and left4dead series.


Pls I would appreciate any comment/suggestion as I am still in time to ask to my reseller for a ram change within Corsair products.


I would love in this post to thank Corsair for their great products, specially rams, from year 2000 I use their products - and only Corsair!!! - and I never had crashes due to ram!!!


Ty very much



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Really ty very much!


For what I think Ram Guy Rocks!!!



Fast, exaustive and good suggestions.


ty Corsair! and ty Ram Guy, really appreciated.


As soon as I fire up my new system I'll post immages and infos

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