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H50 compatible with the Asus IPIBL-LB?


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Hey all,


I'm working on a computer rebuild, and I've never built a computer before. I thought I'd start small.


I'm looking at adding the H50 to the new setup. The initial machine was an HP M8430F, and I need to know if the H50 will work with the motherboard. I've seen so much conflicting information, that I thought it best to ask the Ramguy.


I know it won't fit into the current case, but I will be changing the case during the rebuild.


Thanks much!

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Partially a bump, but also an update with more information, and a revision of the question.


Having done a little more research, the issue I'm most concerned about is powering both the pump and the fan. I'm getting a case-that-shall-not-be-named that has 4 fans in it. I'm not sure I'll have adapter ports to power all 4 of these fans and the h50, the graphics card, and everything else.


I will be using the Corsair TX650 power supply, but as I'm currently buying the parts, I need to know if the H50 is compatible with the power circuits I've got available.


Thanks again!

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The H50 radiator is ~150mm tall by ~120mm wide. It has a single 120mm fan.


IMHO and AFAIK if you can count the total number of case fans (PSU doesn't count) on one finger you are going to have heat issues no matter what you do, excepting stock speeds of course.


EDIT: Just saw your four fan case comments above, ignore my comments above.


You can run both the fan and pump off of your PSU using standard 4-pin Molex if you have to. Same goes for the rest of your fans.

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Sweet. Just what I suspected after asking one of the other guys at work who's using the H50. I wasn't worried size-wise, as the case is enormous and has the numbers 902 in the name. But it's good to know I can run them off the molex if I have to. That's comforting.


Thanks much. Question seems to be answered, but more input is good too.

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