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H50 Paste or Arctic Silver 5


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has any1 removed the stick on paste from there H50 block and installed 3rd party paste. My m8 just picked one up and to say as everyone surely knows very impressive.


I am usually not a fan of stick on paste and have always and still use Arctic silver 5 for almost everything would it make a few Celsius difference on full load.


Corsair has managed to do exactly what they did on the PSU end of things just outstanding.




I Swear I looked for other posts lol..






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I am using MX-3 on mine as I did a case transfer and had to apply new TIM. The TIM that Corsair uses on the H50 is called Shin Etsu if im not mistaken and is one of the best thermal materials on the market. The issue is that Shin Etsu is rather expensive and you do not get a whole lot of it. So the stock paste should work very well. If you prefer AS5 or something better like MX-3 or sythetic paste. These are your white pastes. The silver based one are of course silver based.
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