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A problem in the settings model TW3X4G1600C9DHX

Saudi Arabia

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Hello ..


I am Faisal from Saudi Arabia


I am impressed by corsair ! :roll:


I have a Ram model TW3X4G1600C9DHX



I'd like to BIOS settings to run the stabilization of 1600, because the left 9-9-9-24 and voltage 1.8 cause problems with screen freezes :dunno:


thanks! :winking:

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You might want to try changing your fsb speed and multiplier. On my phenom II 965, i changed the fsb to 240 and the multiplier to 15 to overclock the cpu to 3600mhz. If you set your ram speed to 1600 in the bios you probably get a dram:fsb ratio of 20:6. This value(20/6=3.33) multiplied by the fsb gives you the memory clock speed. (240x3.33=799.2) Net memory speed is 799.2x2=1598.4 Your multiplier can be what ever value you like depending on if you want to overclock or stay near to stock speed. If you stay close to stock speed all other settings in bios can stay in auto. Hope this helps.
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Used in one piece, but the problem is to freeze more than ever before


And I can not break the speed of the processor!


I have seen in the Amazon region is listed with Ram processors in the presentation of


I think it was compatible, but now have problems



Was too tired to provide a quantity of pieces for the money


Note: I bought the processor and RAM from Amazon.com


Has paid high freight costs arguing that corsair the best in the area ram


Is there a solution or special settings to remedy this problem?


I'm sorry because I use the translation may not understand some of your responses

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