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Nova 128 GB Benchmark Results


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Hi folks,


New to posting here, but have used this forum as a great resource for quite a while now. Thanks for the wonderful help in the past.


I recently purchased a Nova 128GB from Newegg. This is my first SSD so I don't have any past experience. So far I'm quite impressed with the speed at which apps launch. I ran ATTO and CrystalDisk. Here are the results:





This is on Win 7 64-bit. I didn't do anything special configuration-wise. I verified that TRIM is indeed "active".


Do these benchmarks look satisfactory?



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Sorry, I read the title of one thread that said the 64G was benchmarking slower than specified, then read this title about the 128G and decided to open this one because I have the 128 on the way...even though I read it and it didn't say the same thing, it still registered in my head that this thread was saying that the 128 didn't run as specified.


My mind didn't work right...sorry...I won't go on with my question because I don't want to hijack this thread any more than I already have.

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