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HX1000W, no Startup after Power-on; RESET always required


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Supermicro support suggested that this power supply (HX1000W)

was to blame.


I don't really believe this, but thought I would ask here anyway,

in case the problem is a familiar one.


The mboard in question, is a SuperMicro X8DT3-F.


The system (seems to) stay sleeping/suspended, (eg, stuck in "SoftOFF"?) after a power-ON.


warm, or cold, regardless of pulling the power-cord.


I have to use the RESET button to bring it to life

(or issue a reset via IPMI)


The power-ON (OFF) itself is not a problem, per-se.

(the power switches, IPMI power management, and O/S power management all seem good)


Changing the Power Configuration settings in BIOS, "Power Button Function"

and "Restore On AC Loss", seem to make no difference.


Ditto for any changes to what few ACPI options are available

in the (AMI) BIOS..


Any ideas, suggestions, welcome....

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