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PSU Noise (not Corsair) and potential switch to a Corsair PSU


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So, sadly, in my haste to build a new system, I settled for a supposedly decent PSU that I would gladly return form an HX.


Here's my questions:

1. When people speak of PSU noise, does it sound like mine?


Note, it's silent until under video load. Also sorry about the sideways vid. It was my first one with my new phone.


So my previous system to this one would make a slight "hiss" sound under load, which is what I'd expect. This current one sounds like a horrid fan bearing, but doesn't go away when I stop the fan temporarily. My goal for this build was silence (the worst part about my old system was a PCP&C leaf blower) and I'm nearly there. . .

If the "noise" people are experiencing with their corsair PSUs isn't a kazoo like mine, but a "hiss" or at least a quiet buzzing, then I can deal with that.


2. Given my system, would you recommend an HX850 or HX1000? I really like the reviews of the HX850's ripple and voltage regulation, and if it is a Seasonic based, I'd prefer that. This is one of the many reviews of it I read that impressed me:



3. Am I correct that HX850s are Seasonic innards and the HX1000s are CWT?


Thanks everyone!



(Still missing my PC3500LL Pro Activity LEDs)

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