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Hx850 + msi p55 gd80 + gtx260


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:[pouts:hi all, well my English is not all good but despite that

I decided to post because the truth is not that happening to my system!


good is that one day, I was playing and after a few hours approximately 1:30 the video card speed up your cooler at 100% speed and from there I tick the pc and I had to reboot, reboot once the cooler of the video card remained in the same speed, which I never did, and good mother the question that made me a long beep and 2 short beep, find the list of award bios code and tells me there is no plate installed video osea those beeps mean it in that order!.


Well let the machine off for a while, and relit the same thing but then, I get to play and no video signal at full power cooler then the system sizing me branded button to reset the motherboard gives me the nuevamente.Bueno beep then remove the video card and turned on the machine if so checks it and actually it really is like the motherboard has no video osea warning beep that is about it.


I do not understand is because I happen? which may come to probe taking hd, dvdrw, leaving a single RAM module and it's wrong mismo.Puede be that the pci slot and is damaged or something or is the source of power that may not support everything I have ....


My PC is:


Msi GD80

I5 750

gskill ddr3 2x2gb 1333

Corsair Hx850

XFX GTX260 Core Edition 216SP

4 HD's


2 Funcion Panel's 5,25 ~ 3,5 dimensions

1 Card Reader

Case Vitsuba Absolut + 5 coolers


please helpme!!!!

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  • Corsair Employees

Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like the system runs and will eventually lock up and the fans will get stuck at maximum speed until you do a hard reboot. I can tell you that the PSU is definitely powerful enough for your system, so the issue should not be with a lack of power.


I would suggest that you try to rule out some other things to help see if we can narrow down the issue. First, I would run http://www.memtest.org to rule out any type of memory related problem. Also you may want to see if you can duplicate the same behavior by booting up into safe mode. If safe mode shows better stability then the problem could be software related.


Let us know how you do, and if all else fails we can certainly replace the PSU for you, but at this point its hard to say for sure that the PSU is the issue.

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