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Whining noise on HX620?


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Ok,I just bought a XFX 5870 (Rev.2,the one with a middle fan.) since my 4870x2 failed and I rma'd it (It was artifacting,still waiting for a new card.).

I keep hearing a whining noise from my PC and I'm having a hard time locating what it is that is causing it,it's either the graphicscard or the PSU. (Corsair HX620.)

The thing is,if I use ATITool I hear a louder whining noise,when pressing scan for artifacts I'm hearing an even higher one,which is extremely annoying since it's pretty loud.

I recorded it so you can hear what I mean,first noise is the PC when doing nothing,second is when the cube in ATITool is visible,and the third is when I scan for artifacts.





Posted here now:


How long is the time for RMA if I have to do that? I live in Sweden and I just cannot stand being without my PC. (Had to be without recently,RMA'd graphicscard..and I put in my new 5870 2 days ago.) My PSU is connected directly to a grounded powersocket,no adapters or anything so I don't see any problems there. As I said above I'm having trouble locating where the noise is coming from although it does point towards the PSU. (I have no way to test the PSU on another PC since my parents ones are OEM and they won't let me void their warranty by opening them.)

Also when entering my room it smelled like burnt electronics,but the PC is stable. (Might be something else,have a Xbox 360,PS3,Plasma TV,HD satellite receiver in my room.)

I'm playing some Left 4 Dead 2 with all settings as high as possible,and the noise is not as loud as it is with ATITool,but that is a stresstest program.

Also when I scroll with my mouse in my browser,it goes away,as soon as I stop it comes back,and my keyboard does this sound when I scroll.

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